Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Temple

You would think that I would eventually run out of things to be obsessed with, and even though this is only my fifth entry, I can see no end in sight.
Of course, the temple is the awesomest thing ever, especially our new temple. There was a temple celebration (which was completely sold out), in which I went to the dress rehearsal, in which I cried through the whole thing. My heart was full with appreciation and the realization that all these (500+) people were so excited about the temple coming that they worked every weekend since September to make the celebration for The Prophet as perfect as possible. It was a very detailed history of Rexburg, including the 1976(?) flood. Probably any other time I would have rolled my eyes at it and would have tried to think of something more entertaining, but because of the events, I absolutely ate it up. My modern dance teacher was the choreographer for one of the dances, and taught us part of it. (If you click on that last link, you can watch it. The part I know starts at 4:56 and goes until 5:12) That made it even more special because I (even though I wasn't) felt like I was a part of it.
The dedication was, of course, absolutely spectacular. We went to the third session in the Hart Auditorium (the same place as the celebration). We got there with well enough time to sit on the floor but sat back in the red chairs instead. The reason behind that was because I wanted to be able to see the magnitude of people doing "The Hosanna Shout," it was well worth it. It was absolutely beautiful.
When the temple was going to be dedicated on the 3rd, before President Hinckley died, I made an appointment for February 7th. When the dedication was postponed, they just took all the appointments the first week and moved them up one week. This however, meant that I would be going to the temple on Valentine's Day. Not a big deal, except for J will be in Reno at a LEAD competition for school. So, I called and told them I wouldn't be able to come that day. To my surprise, the woman on the other end of the phone asked why I wouldn't be able to make it. When I answered that I didn't want to go to the temple on Valentine's Day without my husband, her reply was "Oh, that's true. I wouldn't want to come either." Therefore, tomorrow (Wednesday, not Valentine's Day), I have an appointment for 3 o'clock.
Of course, I have an appointment to go on my birthday, because it's my favorite thing to do on my birthday, and I've also decided since it's so close that I'll go Tuesday and Friday mornings. There's now a parking lot between the temple and my first class (in the Ricks building), so I'll just park in the middle and go right to class afterwards!
I'm sorry there aren't as many links as usual, but I have to go to class.


Sam k said...

Oh my heck!!! This is so great!! I love everything you're obsessed with!! I looked at the shoes and love them, I listened to Yo Yo Ma and loved it!

You write just like you talk! I love to read it all!

Sam k said...

I'm not sure why I'm being Sam K, but whatever, you can know that Sam K is me....?

Emily Ringel said...

I'm very jealous. I tried to figure out a way that we could come to the open house but to no avail. Too far away and bad weather, not to mention a sick family. I feel jipped that we were there all those years and missed it by merely a few months. Hopefully we'll be able to go and visit Nate's parents and go to the temple soon.

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