Friday, February 29, 2008


A month ago, I recieved this e-mail:

Dear Ms. Bodily,
Thank you for your interest in working with us in ISU Physics. I spoke with Dr. Pyper this morning, and he speaks quite highly of you. I have sent an email out to all of my colleagues about your interest and all the great stuff Dr. Pyper had to say. I requested that they contact you or Dr. Pyper if they have work for you or if they would like a resume.
Best regards. -Dr. Steve

Then, on Tuesday, I recieved this e-mail:
Dear R:
Thanks for inquiring about opportunities at ISU. Dr. Shropshire forwarded your e-mail to me. If it works for you, why don't you come down here to tour out facilities, meet some faculty and students, and discuss possibilities with the Chair of Physics (Dan Dale) and myself? We'll be happy to take you out to lunch while you're down here and answer any questions that you
may have. How does this sound?
Best Regards---Doug Wells

This, being a super happy surprise, I jumped at the chance to go visit and maybe get an internship. So I scheduled with them that I'd go visit them on Thursday at 1:30.

I got there and had a four hour tour of both their accelerator center and their physics building on campus. Between looking at the two buildings I sat in Dr. Dan's office (they all call each other by their first name with Dr. in front of it. So, they go by: Dr. Steve, Dr. Dan, Dr. Phil, & Dr. Doug), eating the best pizza I've ever had, and talked to him about my internship and grad school. If we do end up being in the area, I'll definitely go to grad school at ISU, but since we probably won't be, it isn't plausible. However, I don't want to cut out all my options, so I just went along with me definitely going to grad school at ISU. He didn't talk to me about working there in the summer and going to grad school with them next year as if it was still to be determined---he talked to me like I was working there in the summer and like I was already accepted to their grad school. It was super awesome. I thought I was going to have to prove myself, but they just took me in and accepted me as one of them right off the bat. Most internships go from June 9th-August 14th, and so I asked him which dates I would be working during the summer, and he said I could work whenever I want. Jordan and I are getting back from NY on April 19th, so I'm starting work on April 21st, and ending September 5th! Yay! I don't know how much I'm going to be making yet, but he said over and over that they "were did not lack funds," so I would be being payed very well. I hope to find out soon!

So, Jordan will only be an hour away, I'll only be 1 1/2 hours away from the Ranch, and so it sounds like a perfect place for an internship!



lately said...

NO WAY....papa johns is the best pizza you've ever had??

just kiding! (kind of)


i want to hear so much more about this, so i will be calling you later today.


Sam k said...

You know what? Big time way to go! Really, this is great! You ARE amazing, and you LOVE physics!!! You are the best person for their school! I'm thrilled that you will finally get to do what you've been doing book work for!
Really can't wait for you to be here on April 13!!

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