Wednesday, February 27, 2008


(In order from left to right: K, me, B, L)
So, last night, I had a dream that I saw B walking down the street in front of me, and she was bald. But then, (because this is how dreams are), I remembered that she was bald because she shaved her head, because all of us (the four in the picture) were going to shave our heads to give our hair to cancer. So I called to her, and we started walking together. All of a sudden my head is also bald, and then we saw L who flipped out at our bald heads and was like "Maybe I won't do it, it's a big change!" But then I reminded her that if we shaved our heads, it would grow out to look like Twiggy! Therefore, all day I've been thinking about how I want Twiggy hair.

1 comment:

Sam k said...

You are the funniest thing ever!!

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