Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nursing Cover Sewing Adventure

I’ve been seeing all of these mothers with nursing covers and when I ask them where they get them they always give me a place and then tell me they’re between $30 and $50! Well, that isn’t really something I’ll spend that much money on because it’s just a thin piece of fabric, so I made my own! It’s ¾ yard of fabric (the cheap cotton kind you get in the quilting section of the fabric store), ~15 inches of covered wire (you can get it for 99 cents a yard), and a brace deal that are usually for aprons, or belts, or something. It didn’t take me very long to make (like, 45 minutes), and it looks sooooooo awesome. After I made it I walked around the house with it for a little while (similar to when Jordan bought his gun and walked around with it strapped on his back for a week), because I was so excited about it! I even had a friend over today who used it when she nursed and said it worked great! I have it in my hospital bag (which I packed last week, since he could come any day!), and I am so excited to use it! Lots of thanks to Anne for giving me a sewing machine for a baby/graduation present, and thanks to Mom for teaching me how to sew!

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