Friday, January 2, 2009


While my family was here, my 16 yr-old brother, Will, showed me this free website called "Picnik" where you can edit pictures. He's a superstar at it and you can see a lot of his pictures if you're friends with him on Facebook (he'd probably be friends with you for the sole reason you know me), and he gave me some pictures he edited framed for Christmas, all of which are really really really cool. You could pay $25 a year to have the "premium" version, but you could also get it for free and also only edit 5 pictures at a time (which is what I do) and it's awesome. There are a lot of different things you can do to edit the pictures. My personal favorite is "cross process"-ing the pictures because it makes pictures looks soooo awesome (especially summer/beach pictures), but you can do a lot of other different things with them. I edited a picture to get it to look like one of Andy Warhol's that I'm putting in the guest room. I have one that I did of me on Jordan and our honeymoon of me at the beach and I really like it (I cross processed that one). You have to mess around a little to figure out all the cool crap you can do (go under "create" for the coolest things), but as soon as you figure it out it seems like the possibilities are endless!


The ZamFam said...

I finally got updated on your blog. Your video camera looks awesome!! In just a few days (cross fingers) all videos will be of Porter!!! Yay!!!! we miss you guys already!!! Cant wait to see pictures of himw hen he finally comes!!! Take care and good luck this semester!!

Rene said...

I took that picture of you and Jordan on my phone when we were in the mall in San Antonio. It's really small because I think my phones camera only has 2-3 pixcles (sp!). I'm glad it's at least good enough to play with on picnic!

Jen said...

okay I freaking love this website. thanks for letting us in on it!!

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