Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happily in LA!

After the not so fun activity of moving and driving, we are here in sunny California!

Most of the beginning days we were here I spent sewing for my Etsy orders. Glad the push is over for a little while! I have another order, but he hasn't purchased it yet so I'm not going to go buy the fabric until he does (learned that the hard way a couple times already). We've had lots of activities put together by Jordan's mom, Tawna, and they've been so fun!

One of the first nights we were here we went and had dinner with a bunch of people at the church gym. We hung out with some people the Bodilys had known for a long time (Clint and Madelyn Okamoto + family) who are fabulous.

We also went to a party at Jordan's friend's house. It was great to see them again!

There was a Taco Tuesday at Jordan's Aunt Theresa's house with all the California cousins--what a blast! We played Catchphrase and it was so fun! Theresa had some Halloween costumes in her guestroom so we put the babies in some of them and Dillon put one on--it was cute!

THEN, on Wednesday was a girls day out with Tawna, Theresa, Kim, and me! It was a great day in downtown LA. We started out by going to lunch at Phillipe's for an award winning french dip--yum yum yum! We then went and saw The Grinch Musical and it was great! It was 100% Christmas! The actors were of course, super talented and it was in a really cool theater--the Pantages! It looked like the theater from Singing in the Rain, but I'm going to have to watch the movie again because I'm not too sure--it sure looked like it though. We took a walk through downtown and it was a blast! We went in a few vintage shops that were AWESOME. After we went to the theater with all the celebritys' hands and feet in the cement, and that was pretty cool. I'd been there before, but there were some new ones like Robert Downey Jr's--so cool! It was a great Christmas present from Tawna, and I sure am thankful for it!

It's so fun to have all the family around playing with and loving the kids!

And then there was Christmas! Christmas is so much more fun with kids! The first present that was opened was a little walker for Porter which he of course loved, and Wyatt has the same one, so he thought it was his, so they had to play with it together for a while. It was great cause Wyatt loved to ride and Porter loved to push, so they were a great team!

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Rene said...

Oh my heck! What a blast!! I keep writing things and they just sound dumb! The play sounds amazing! All the family and friends sound fabulous! Christmas with little people sounds glorious! I'm thrilled for you to be in the middle of all of it!!

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