Thursday, May 27, 2010

i never thought this day would come...

i discovered something today...

the internet is not the absolute for information.


we discovered this when we couldn't find a splash park in ivins, ut online and then drove around (ivins isn't very big) until we found a park--and it had a splash park in it.  we were torn between joy and devastation.  anyway...

i didn't take pictures the first day we went (yesterday...and yes we do plan on going everyday we're here--it's SO hot here, and it hasn't even hit SUMMER yet!), but i did take pictures today with my phone.  we weren't planning on getting wet, but we did anyway--this is why he has regular clothes on.

this was my favorite part of today:  we've been bringing porter's sippy around everywhere so he stays hydrated (he doesn't care--i don't know why we do...).  he brought it into the water park with him.  there's a button the kids push every once in a while to tell the park they're still there to keep the water running.  this button makes a noise...of course it does.  this shows the order of importance to porter.

picture 1: porter sacrificing his body to get soaked so he can push the button
picture 2: porter fleeing before the water near the sippy because while buttons that make noise are worth getting wet, sippies are OBVIOUSLY worth abandoning at the first sign of discomfort.

and just some more:


Tory and Lindsey said...

ha ha! so much better than PORTER park right? Great post you are so funny!

Craig &/or Elaine said...

How GREAT to see that little guy! We are getting anxious to see him in person.
Gma Elaine

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