Friday, June 24, 2011

Drive In Movie

We are pros at drive-in movies.  I love them so flippin much, and I'm so glad J's a genius so figures out how to make it as comfy as possible...  I REALLY wanted to go to the drive-in last summer when J's whole family was here, but lots of stuff happened and the drive-in wasn't one of them...SO, when we saw Rio was showing, we KNEW we had to go.

Here is what we brought:
P's old crib mattress
3 couch cushions
Black Panther (J's mexican blanket)
The Big Blanket (I don't know why J calls it that, but he's his denim blanket I made for him for Father's Day last year)
P's quilt (again, don't know why we call it that because I didn't make it for P...I made it for me, but somehow he gets to sleep with it every night)
All of the bed pillows in the house
Extra socks just in case
2 liter of soda
Water bottles full of ice

At the drive-in we bought their food (but it wasn't that great, so we won't do it again), set up the mattress behind us in the back of the subaru leaning up against the chairs (that were leaned up as far as they would go), put the couch cushions under us, put a blanket down, and put 2 of the other blankets on top of us.  We stayed warm, and enjoyed the food and movie!  P got kinda antsy 20 minutes to the end and started to climb around, but other than that he watched the whole thing!  It was a blast!

(This picture isn't great, but you can see our set-up)

2 comments: said...

Love this! We will definitely have to do a drive in movie! P looks like he was in heaven!

Jennie said...

Can't believe he sat so good! Jealous of the fun drive in experience. We got rained out of the movie in the park they do here...and next month's is a movie tori wouldn't really like. Bummer!

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