Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Look Great! (NOPE)

P chooses his clothes, often. That's fine--most of the time he looks great.  Most of his shirts are blue, and you can't really go wrong with jeans or khakis...sometimes I wish he'd wear different shoes, but most of the time it's ok.  Not today--today was a disaster.  Thanks to J, he only walked around the house and sat in the car in this outfit, but there was NOTHING I could do to persuade him to change his clothes.  My only word for what he looked like (other than ridiculous) was a gigolo...and that really doesn't even apply.  He just HAD to wear his cowboy boots (usually soooo, not so much), and I got a pendant for my necklace with E's name on it, and he not only wanted her pendant by HIS, but he wanted to wear it too! (yay for happy about her coming....not so yay about how he looked...).  He had his Buzz shirt (one of 3) and royal blue gym shorts on, so the combination was sooo ugly!  I didn't take a picture of it, so I recreated it on paint.  Enjoy.


Tanya said...

hahaha oh my gosh. that is pretty bad. But kinda funny. I'm glad that my girls never ask to pick their clothes. I probably should for self confidence reasons but....i'm too controlling with how they look. haha

Kim said...

So... I love reading about your family. And Porter is ridiculously cute, so post as many pictures of him as you can.

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