Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Zooey Deschanel is the girl from Elf, which is an awesome movie, let's just put that out there. I loved her voice from the second she started singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in the shower at the toy store. She now has an album called "She and Him." The album itself has a lot of music that is a little more twangy than I like it. But the twang reminds me of Johnny Cash a little, so I don't hate it that much. I hope Zooey's next album has more "less country" sounds to it, but I'll have to wait for it. They're going to be in San Fran in a couple weeks, but the concert is on a Sunday, so I can't even suggest that anyone goes to it. Hopefully they'll go to Salt Lake or Boise sometime because then I could go.
Anyway, that's the music that's playing on my blog right now.

1 comment:

lately said...

hey that's me over there!

and i really like this girl, even with the twang.

love you!

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