Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I wanted to have plants in my apartment where I'm living all by myself so I could have something to take care of, so I bought two window boxes from Walmart and bought seeds and planting soil. It was fun to do, but to be honest I was surprised when I watered them the first time and didn't see little plants shoot up out of the ground. However, they finally have! The scattered plants are blue stars, and the group of plants are basil. You're only supposed to have one plant in one section for the basil, so I'll probably have to rip out some of them in order for a good sized plant to grow. I also planted daisies which shot up yesterday (a little bit...only 4 or 5 little shoots), but I'm hoping the rest of the plants that haven't gotten above ground yet are just late bloomers. I also planted mint, lavender, and some kind of flower, but I can't remember what it is. I hope it makes my apartment smell much nicer than it does. I realized that the person before me also smoked but the smell of cat covered it up--until now. So, I've had the windows open non-stop so that I'm not breathing that in, and hopefully the plants will help.

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