Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This last weekend I got to go to Portland for the North Western Section APS Research Conference. It was really fun. Well, everything that wasn't the conference was really fun. The conference itself (except for my presentation) was super boring, and so I skipped the whole first half of the last day to go to the Saturday Market in Portland instead of sitting and being super bored.
To start off, as soon as we flew in we had about an hour to burn before we had to go get our nametags, etc., so we went to the Portland Temple. Of course it was absolutely beautiful. They have the most stunning flowers of all time there. I would live in Portland for a millisecond just because it's so beautiful.

Having been in Idaho for such a long period of time and having only attended one college, I forgot what it was like to be surrounded by trees. The campus that we were at for the conference was the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. Even more beautiful than Harvard which was by far my favorite prior to this trip.

As I said before, I went to the Saturday Market in Portland with Ladie, which was full of hippie happiness and lots of fun. There was a bunch of artwork I really liked, but this is the only one I could get away with taking a picture of, and there were also a bunch of hippies playing music on buckets which was really neat, actually. The buildings of the city are also pretty preserved so there was a lot of beautiful architecture that added to the whole experience.

Here is a picture of when I presented. I was supposed to go for 10 minutes, but then I saw on the schedule that I was scheduled for 36 minutes so I had to redo my whole presentation and make note-cards so that I wouldn't forget anything. All in all, it's the best presentation of that information I've ever done so I was proud of myself, and I took up 28 out of the 36 minutes which is sufficient in my opinion, but I'm glad I'm done telling people about that research. I'm sick of it.

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lately said...

Bec, i love the photo of all the hippies hanging out around the empty fountain. the composition and lines are fantastic!

well done you.

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