Monday, April 27, 2009


So, for some reason we barbeque when it's cold out. We think it's going to be warm, but it isn't, and Saturday night and tonight (Monday), we went barbeque-ing and it was flippin cold out.

Barbeque experience #1: Saturday we went to the city park to have a barbeque, but wanted to keep it cheap so we just bought hot dogs. It was so fun. They were so good--it was an adventure. We didn't bring plates, or utensils, or anything except for some condiments, hot dogs, some buns (not enough for the amount of hot dogs we got), and some soda (oh yeah, and charcoal and a lighter). It was really fun, in spite of the horrible amount of coldness. The hot dogs were sooooooooooo good. I just don't know how they make hot dogs so good, and they're 1000% better when they're cooked on a barbeque.

It was also the first time Baby saw fire--he was mesmerized. There was also a suspicious head off in the brush that we confiscated--even Baby was suspicious.
The Sausers and the Monsons came with us--we're glad they did, because they are a hoot!

Barbeque experience #2: There are no pictures to go along with this one, but it was still an adventure, and still super fun (I think it was actually more fun than the first one..maybe they were just awesomely fun in different ways). This time we had shish kabobs and grilled veggies. They were soooooooooo good. I have never had more enjoyable of either ever, in my whole life. Here are the recipes:

Green Peppers

Pineapple juice (from the pineapple chunks can)
Worcestershire sauce (just keep dumping it in until you feel like it's enough...maybe a half a cup or so)
Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning (I dunno...a couple tablespoons)

Put all of the cut meat and veggies in a gallon freezer bag, add the ingredients for the sauce, (seal the bag), move the bag around until everything's covered by the sauce. Let it sit a little while--I let it marinate about an hour, and that seemed like a fine amount of time.


Oil (vegetable or olive) (half a cup or so)
Italian seasoning (a tablespoon or so)
Onion Powder (some)
Garlic Salt

Do the same stuff as the other one with the freezer bag. To grill, I brought a cooling rack (that you put cookies on), and put it on top of the grill so it doesn't fall through.

It was a great time, and Baby slept the entire time in the car--it was crazy. Next time we barbeque, we need to do it when it's warm because it is MUCH less fun when it's cold out.


Rene said...

Oh my heck!!! How much fun is this!!!
Big hugs!!

Rene said...

Could the head belong to Rachel....? hmmm..... very suspicious indeed.....!

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