Sunday, April 12, 2009

Done and Done

After 4 arduous years of college, I'm done. I didn't think I'd ever be finished with it, but the time is finally here. I can now just be with my awesome baby all day and help him learn and grow. I'm glad I finished school, but I certainly don't know why I was supposed to--hopefully one day I'll understand why it was so important. I really enjoy learning, so I don't think I'll go very long before I start to work my brain again, but I think I'm going to take a break from math for a little while, and maybe work on a language or something. Anyway, our new apostle was the speaker at graduation, and it was wonderful. He spoke on having Wisdom (with a capital W, because it's God's Wisdom), and using it throughout the rest of our lives. I sang in graduation choir, and we were allowed to have our spouse sing with us, but Jordan didn't want to, so I recruited Will to sing in it with me--it was rad. We sang "Guide Us, Oh Though Great Jehovah" and "This is the Christ." Grandma and Grandpa Mayfield came to celebrate, and because of that Grandma took a video of us singing. It's so awesome.
Grandma also got a great picture of us on the screen--cool-huh?!
My mom, my brother Will, and Grandma and Grandpa Mayfield came to celebrate with us, and I'm so glad they all came--it was a delight to have them here. Will's still here, and it's super fun to just chill with him. Ladie came up too, and it was a blast to have her here with us.

My great friend, Heidi, who was also a physics major, and a girl, graduated with me. We met for the first time two years ago in a lab class, and have had a lot of classes together since. She has the highest IQ of anyone I've ever known, and she's the only way I graduated.

Yay for graduating!


sarah calder said...

Holla! Congratulations on your big graduation day! Yay!

Brittany said...

This post is so beautiful.

I cried at the singing.

Bec- congrats!

Love you so much!


Kim said...

You kill me... finishing college is ALWAYS a good idea! Congratulations on crossing the finish line!

Tanya said...

Congratulations!!! Your hair looked super cute by the way!

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