Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pre and Post-Graduation Activities

Two days before graduation, Dallin and Courtney Sauser went to dinner with us to celebrate the semester being over. We got a gift certificate from Jordan's parents to The Outback, so we used that to celebrate and it tasted so good! Afterwards, Courtney and I went to Barnes 'n Noble while Jordan and Dallin went...I dunno, somewhere. It was great to just spend some time walking around there and knowing that I could read all of the books that were there and not feel guilty about it because I needed to be studying!

Later that night, when we got home, Ladie came to spend the next couple of days with us in celebration! It was fun to have her here, and we spent a lot of good time just talking. Porter and her became fast friends!

It was great to have my grandparents, mom, and brother, Will here with me while I graduated. It was nice to just have us all together to chill. The next morning we made a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausages, and orange juice (along with an orange juice, spinach, and banana smoothie, and it was so good!

I made homemade peanut butter for the first time. I really like peanut butter, but they put so much sugar and stuff in it that you can't eat very much because there are so many calories! So, I threw some unsalted peanuts in a blender and put some olive oil in it, while later Grandma Mayfield told me I didn't need to add the oil, so next time I won't. It definitely isn't as delectable as store-bought peanut butter, but it still tastes great and I feel better about eating it!

Sunday morning, Will and I made cupcakes that look like chicks to celebrate a little of Easter. I put rice milk in it instead of regular milk in both the cupcakes and in the frosting so that I could eat both of them, and they were sooooooo good! They looked cute too, and I'm super glad we made them!

There was also also a little surprise in the middle, because we tie-dyed the inside!

As my graduation present from the Deans (thanks!), we got an ice cream maker, but since I can't have dairy (the baby's allergic), we made sorbet. It was spectacular! We put berries in it, and it was so good! It made a lot more than we thought it would, but that wasn't a problem to us!

Tonight for FHE, we dyed easter eggs. I'd never done it before, and it was so fun! We all did different things with the eggs we dyed, but each one was awesome!


Captain Moroni said...

Man,what a fun week/weekend! I especially enjoyed your tie dye cup cakes :) Your sorbet looks so amazing! I need some. Thank goodness winter is basically over!

Captain Moroni said...

wait sorry...that's comment was from me, Sarah. I didn't realize I was signed into Drew's account....sorry!

Tanya said...

Did you try my spinach drink?? I'm so glad you liked it if you did!! It is my fav and I crave it all the time. I think I'm going to make it right now.....

Tab & Nate said...

Sounds like things are exciting and fun up in your area. I need to come and take advantage of some of that!xoxo

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