Thursday, July 9, 2009


Welcome to our new site! It isn't going to be any different, let's be honest...but people were having a tough time with spelling the word "obsesses" so I changed it to pbandjbodily because that's who we are!

Alright, and now for a little update...

In April we went to California for Jordan's brother's baby blessing. Wyatt was born just a month after Porter, and he is adorable. It was a good trip, and it was fun for everyone to be together. The whole Bodily/Bloxham family was there!

As I was looking through our pictures, I realized I don't have a single one of Kim. Sorry Kim!

Next were camping extravaganzas. They were a blast, and the baby was AWESOME every time we went! We went up to Warm River, which is at the base of Mesa Falls. We went with our friends Dallin, Courtney, Abe, Andrea, and Andrea's cousin Court. It was super fun (I don't have any pictures of Dallin and Courtney--sorry!)--we went to Mesa Falls in the morning, and it was so fun to go up there again!

The one with all the rocks is the cliff we made an assembly line on and handed the baby up the cliff cause we didn't think it'd be safe for one of us to carry him on our back, just in case we fall.

Alright, the house needs to be clean and I have to make dinner, so that's enough of the updates for now, but that's a little more caught up than before!

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Kim said...

I love the crying babies with Aunt Theresa. And your blog is probably a better place without pictures of me.

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