Monday, July 13, 2009

Mayfields, President Eyring, and Haircuts

Grandma Mayfield and Aunt Jan went to Yellowstone for a little R&R in the wild and came to stay with us the Monday and Tuesday! It was a blast to have them here and just have them in my home! They spent a lot of time playing with Porter!

Next was when President Eyring came to the school for a devotional! We called in a couple favors and got tickets for Jordan, our friend Brittany Keller, and me (even though none of us are students). It was great to be there and so cool to see him--what a cool guy. Go here for his talk--listen to it because it's 100x better than just reading it..intonation is key. We were really hoping for the baby to be able to meet him, but they said he had a busy schedule or something and wasn't going to shake people's hands. Oh well...

Last was the haircut nonsense. Don't get me wrong--I love my hair, but I can't believe it actually happened. I've been thinking about getting my hair cut for a long time, but every time I cut my hair I just hate it and wish I had my long hair back, so I didn't ever get it cut. Well, my friend Kristi, who I watch her baby a couple times a week when she goes to her last class before graduating, has been wanting to cut her hair so she's been looking in magazines and online to see different styles. Well, then Brittany came along and mentioned how she wanted her hair cut short, and all of a sudden, we were all getting our hair cut the next day at the hair school in town...ahhh, mob mentality. I didn't think I'd actually do it, but I put my name down just in case. So I looked around online to see if there were any ideas of what I wanted for my hair, and found this picture of Katie Holmes that I really liked. However, we also wanted to donate our hair to Locks of Love and it has to be 10 inches, and 10 inches was right at the base of my hairline, so we cut it all off!

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Rene said...

So beautiful! And so grown up! Not old, just grown up. You three look like sophisticated, young, up and coming women! Your hair now fits who you really are! Watch out world!!

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