Sunday, July 12, 2009


Our next update is going to the Ranch in Wayan, Idaho for the first time with the baby. It was a blast. It was great to bring him to a place we both have a deep love for. We had him meet everyone there, both in the neighborhood and at church, and of course they all thought he was adorable. We took him four-wheeling while he was strapped in his carrier, and he liked being able to look around so much, but in the end just fell asleep.

A few weeks later, Grandma and Grandpa Bloxham came, and we brought the Sauser's along with us to work (you can see his working wounds on their blog). Later that week Aunt Theresa, Uncle Trav with a few of his boys, and our friend Brittany came up. It was great to hang out with everyone. Another time people were up, we went to the fish place and saw Up (which is a great movie, but not what I would call a kid's movie).

Also, our blog list was deleted when we changed our site address, so if we've forgotten you, it isn't on purpose, so tell us!

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Kris and Katie said...

BECCA!!! We have the WORST timing in the world--once again Kris and I had to make a quick trip to Rexburg on Saturday and we were coming to say hello and meet the baby and you guys were at the RANCH!!! I was soooo sad! Your hair looks HOTT...the baby looks PRECIOUS...and we miss you guys TONS! love ya!

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