Monday, November 22, 2010

Fact: There is an outhouse in the back.  We DO have indoor plumbing (thank heavens...), but just in case we needed to use it, it's there.  It's a little fallen, but wouldn't be impossible to use.

There IS a paved road in front of our house, but our driveway is NOT paved--it is a dirt road, just like the WWW.  Porter thinks this is wonderful.  He could play in the dirt for the rest of his life.  We sit, pick up handfuls of dirt, and pour them on each others arms & legs...for hours (not really, but 45 minutes at LEAST).  He loves it.  I think it has something to do with erosion, but for some reason the dirt in our driveway has the consistency of powdered sugar, so it's very fun to draw pictures and make shoe imprints in.

We have a beautiful view from our house.  We have a HUGE window in our living room which spends the whole day open (we don't have to worry about people seeing us dancing to our record player because there aren't very many people (and by not very many, I mean 112) in the valley.  Something that's nice about where we live is how open and beautiful it is (I might not feel this way in a couple days when there are 3 feet of snow in our lawn).  In Newsies, Jack Kelly said the sky is bigger in the west, which the girl (Jess?  Sarah?  What is her name?) didn't understand--she said it was the same sky as NYC, but it certainly is not.  This isn't a nostalgic thing, it's because there aren't as many trees or buildings, so the sky isn't blocked by those things.  It's like being on top of a mountain at all times.  Actually, that's a pretty good description because the altitude of our town is a whole 1,000 feet higher than the tallest mountain in NY.  So, we live on top of a gynormous mountain, I guess.

I'm a little short on pictures lately, and I haven't taken ANY since it's snowed.  I just got the Halloween pictures back from our friends so I'll scan those hopefully today and have them up soon.  I'll make sure to take pictures of the snow, too.  It's pretty crazy.

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Tory and Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh I so want to come visit! It looks like the perfect place to take pictures at:-)

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