Friday, November 5, 2010

WWW Wood Stove

We have a wood stove, and it isn't for decoration or only on holidays. We use it everyday, just like in the WWW. It's a great stove and it keeps the house SUPER warm (it doesn't hurt that the house is a log cabin that's had siding put on it...a foot of solid wood is great insulation). Porter's really careful about it--we've given him warning about how super hot it is, and from being around bonfires he understands fire is SUPER hot. While he's careful, he also loves to start the fire with Dad. He'll sit and blow on the fire until the very last second that you close the doors.

I don't know if they did this in the WWW, but before we could use our wood stove, we had to sweep the chimney. Yep--like Mary Poppins. Chim chimenee, chim chimenee, chim chim cheree, a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be! It was REALLY cool. Kinda scary, but very cool. We (and by we, I mean Jordan) put a ladder up to the house, tied a rope around a tree on the other side of the house, and threw it over the house so I could use it to pull myself up to the top of the roof. I then used a...I don't know what it's called--whatever you use to clean the chimney, it's a huge wire brush, shoved it down the chimney until I thought I had gotten to the bottom, Jordan checked to make sure it was all the way down, and then brought it back up. That was done a few times until we felt it was enough to get most of the gunk out. We didn't need to cover our furniture like in Mary Poppins (which when I asked Jordan the question he thought was hilarious, because there are doors on our furnace, and not an open fireplace like in the movies.

We also have a great view. I used Autostitch (google it) to put it together. It isn't as perfect as doing it yourself on photoshop, but it also only takes like, 13 seconds to get done, so I feel like it's worth the lower quality.

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Delly said...

Wow, that is really beautiful! Reminds me of home. How fun it must be for you! I would love to come visit some time, but it will have to wait until the semester is over, it is just too crazy right now. If you guys come up this way, we would love to see you! My number is 509.750.3891 Keep it wild!

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