Monday, November 1, 2010

We Finally Have Internet & More WWW

We have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for internet and we finally have it!  So, if you want to gchat or Skype--we CAN!

Update:  Jordan officially has a job working at the courthouse in Soda Springs.  His title is "facilities management" which means he's in charge of the courthouse and everything that goes with it.  He is in charge of security, maintenance, remodeling, & his boss says there are some things coming up at the beginning of the year that are the main reason they hired him.  He's excited to really modernize the building, because it seems like no one's cared about it for a long time.  He's going to install a keypad instead of having keys and they're doing a $250,000 remodel starting later this month (or the beginning of the year....I don't actually know if they know, either).  He starts tomorrow and is pretty excited about it!

WWW (Wild Wild West):

In the Wild Wild West, they didn't have hot water, and sometimes no water at all.  This is NOT us now, but for the first two weeks this WAS us.  We did NOT have hot water, and it was tough.  I'm thankful to not be a homesteader's wife because I would have showered even less than I do now.  Cold water, no, not cold; fridged.  32 degree Fahrenheit water that is not ice soley because it hasn't gone through the phase change, but is still an undoubtably 32 degrees is COLD COLD COLD, which brings us to cold water showers--they are horrible.  They suck the breathe out of your body, and you get done still not really feeling clean because your pores didn't have the warmth to open them up.  I only took one cold water shower, and then went to Jordan's Grandma's house to shower after that until we got hot water, but I've gotta tell ya--that one I took sure made an impression in my mind how thankful I am for hot water.  Jordan took two cold water showers, and you could hear him making noises that you were sure he was dying in the bathroom--his body probably thought he was.  Anyway, it was just one more WWW adventure that I'm thankful is over.

Something else they didn't have in the WWW was refridgeration.  Again, we do now, but at the beginning we did NOT.  We thought our fridge was working, but what we actually had was a fridge that kept the stuff inside at a regular consistent temperature, but it was not even close to refridgerated.  After a few days of not keeping anything cool (not unsafe stuff like milk, but stuff like soda),  our landlord brought a spare fridge out from his garage.  It was very much appreciated.

I'm going to post pictures, but we've moved the rooms around and put pictures up, so it doesn't actually look like this anymore, but it's a general idea of what the home looks like.  It's a really old home, and you can tell, but we're happy to be in it.


Rene' said...

Looks pretty frontier-zy to me!
At some point in my very young childhood we lived in a house Mom called her "doll house" because it was so small. You can probably swap notes!

Bless your hearts! I can just hear Jordan making "I'm dying" sounds in that ice cold water! Sounds HORRIBLE!!! How lucky you were to have Gma. Madlyn so close!!

Please post pictures of Jordan's "catch"!

Hugs ~ Mom

Tory and Lindsey said...

wow Becca what a women you are! This is pretty sweet... and something you will never forget have fun with it which looks like you are! And yay for Jordan finding a job!

Jennie said...

Oh Becca it's completely charming! I love it! We'll be in Rockland for Thanksgiving but we'll be there for a whole week, so if you guys are going to be around we'd love to come visit ya one day?? What was Mr. Porter for Halloween?

Delly said...

Becca! Hey, I love it! Your place is so similar to ours. That totally rocks. How far is Waylan (did I spell that right?) from Rexburg? We even had that exact same oven, until it finally croaked about 5 months ago. We Didn't have a washer or dryer when we first moved in either. Our houses even look somewhat alike. Seriously, that is totally awesome! I hope you enjoy the west, it is so nice to have the space and freedom to just go.

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