Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Life is a Gift EDIT

For whatever reason, I've been singing this song at least a few times a day since E was born.  It's so pretty, and I want it to go in her (& P's) room.  So, I made it into subway art!  I already have a frame that I'm looking forward to putting it into.  If you'd like it just email me and I'll send the file to you.  

EDIT:  I didn't notice that two of the fonts were the same.  I also reworked some other things I didn't like. 


Erin and Devin said...


I would love a copy of this! This is one of my favorite primary songs!! Thanks! Congrats on little Emma! She is darling!

Kim said...

I'll take one, please!

pinkrattie said...

Are you still emailing this out? I would love a copy of My Life is a Gift from the JULY 27, 2011 post.

Thank you!

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