Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree

I already put the pictures of the Christmas tree up on a blog earlier in the month, but I just wanted to talk about it a little. It was super fun. Jordan and I had planned on going out and cutting down our own, but it just didn't happen. So we went to Broulims and picked out a tree! There were a lot of different choices, and the hardest part for me was toning down the size of the tree I wanted! One day I think I might just make sure I have a living room with super high ceilings so I can get as big of a tree as I want. Something I didn't include in the other post is the nest we found in our tree! It was super cool, even though we didn't keep it in there (kinda unsanitary), but it was a fun reminder that these trees are real. We had planned on going with our friends the Larsens (the same people we watched Garfield Thanksgiving with), but they said they didn't have time and would just go buy theirs (which at the beginning I was sad about it), but we ended up just seeing them at Broulims anyway! We also saw the Allens there (Elisa went to my bridal shower). We didn't get any pictures of them, which is too bad because they have beautiful children, but it was fun to be there while they picked out their tree too! It was nice to have a truck so we could help everyone haul their trees to their houses. Yay for helping! This next picture is a picture of Rexburg as you drive down Main street. It's pretty blurry, but you can get the general idea of the Christmas lights. There isn't any snow (we didn't get any snow until this last Saturday), but it was definitely cold out!

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