Monday, December 15, 2008


We went to Salmon again to visit our friends the Deans last weekend, and it was, as always, super fun. We had to get back for church on Sunday so we couldn't stay very long, but the Friday evening and most of Saturday that we were there was so fun! Friday night...I think we just chilled. Doing nothing is so fun, and it's nice that the Deans are the kind of people who we don't have to worry about having to do something big, but we can all just chill together--super nice.

Saturday we went for a drive (with both Jennie and I being pregnant, we of course brought a lunch), and saw a super lot of rams and sheep! Go to their website to see the pictures of them. We saw just one at the beginning and took a lot of pictures of him, and then a mile or so down the road we saw the whole rest of his clan! It was crazy to be so close to them!

Jennie and I went to her niece's dance recital (Peter and the Wolf), which was super fun! It was super cool to see all the little kids doing all the different parts like "water" and "trees." Super cool--can't wait for our girls to be in dance!

Jennie and I also went to "Nature's Pantry" which is a hippie, nature store where I got Red Raspberry tablet, which helps strengthen the pelvic and uterine muscles so that once labor does start the muscles will be more efficient. I talked to some people about it, and everyone who's taken it's labor hasn't been more than 7 hours (sounds great to me!), so even if it's a huge scam, it only costs $10 for all the pills I'll need so I'm fine with that. The woman at the store also told us about this thing called "Mother's Milk Tea" (it's herbal tea) which could also be a scam, but you're supposed to start drinking it a week before you have the baby to help with milk production, and then you're supposed to drink it the whole time you nurse, but I'll probably just buy two boxes of the tea and then stop drinking it when I run out. It's crazy to be getting ready for stuff like that because it means the baby's coming soon!

All in all, it was a spectacular trip and we're excited for them to come spend this next weekend with us!

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Jen said...

We can't wait either!! 34 Days, yay!!

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