Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, school's finally over so I have time to update!
Starting from the beginning, Thanksgiving was a blast! Jordan and I drove down to St. George to have a Bodily Thanksgiving! It was great. We got down there Tuesday afternoon and we all just spent some good time together!

Tawna, Theresa, and Grandma Madlyn did most of the cooking (I would say I helped, but I pretty much didn't--they took care of the whole thing!) Here's a picture of Tawna taking a small break from all the hard work! Here's everyone around getting stuff done, and one of Merrill cutting the yummy, yummy turkey!
Here's Kim (somehow even if you're an adult, if you're younger than everyone else you get banished to the kid's table, because that's where Jordan, Garrett, Kim, and I sat!), and then Jordan and Garrett getting their yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

Friday we (Garrett, Kim, Drew and Sarah Calder, and Jordan and I) went out to...actually I have no idea where it was. But it was somewhere up high in St. George to take pictures for Theresa's Christmas card. This would have been a non-awkward picture if Jordan hadn't pulled my sweatshirt back all of a sudden to expose my gynormously, gynormous belly. It was fun to be there all together. We didn't technically have seats for everyone, so we got Jordan and Drew to snuggle up in the back of Theresa's Hybrid. They were superstars at hiding from the cops when we passed them. It was genius.

Also on Friday (and I wish I had gotten pictures of it), Kim and I went out really early to get Black Friday deals, and Tawna and Sarah Calder joined us around 10. It was a great morning. I got 90% of my Christmas shopping done (the rest being finished up the next day when Jordan and I went out), and it was so fun to be with those girls!

It was a great week, which definitely didn't last long enough, and it was great to see everyone.
Yay for the holidays!

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