Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the Keslers

So, being almost 37 weeks pregnant, I can't travel, so my family decided it was worth it for all the family to be together so they came out here to spend Christmas with us in Rexburg! They left Friday afternoon after Dad got off work, and drove until they got to our house at 9:21 am Sunday morning, right before we left for church. It was a fun day of cornbread, bean bake, and Rock Band.

The next couple of days we spent getting ready for Christmas. We went to Porter's like, 15 times (some of the time because my family's obsessed with it and other times because we forgot something to buy). Being from New York there aren't so many LDS stores, so my family went to the BYU-Idaho bookstore, Seagull Book, and Deseret Book. We also went to the BYU-Idaho library special collections to see a First Edition Book of Mormon and a 5 and 10 dollar bill Joseph Smith's bank printed. It was pretty sweet.

Christmas Eve was a blast. We got the regular food together ready. As a Kesler Family tradition, we always eat summer sausage, cheese, crackers, chips, onion dip, a cheese ball, soda, and cookies, all eaten on the floor of our living room with only the Christmas lights on. We eat it for a bit, read Luke 2, and then open pajamas so that when we wake up in the morning we already feel like Christmas!

We usually get a book to read at night, but it's gotten to the point where we just chill together instead of reading in our separate beds, but the boys got books (Will got the Breaking Dawn book).

It was fun this year to have surprises for Jordan. One of his presents was a hard gun case for his deer gun he bought last year. It was too big to fit into the closet where the rest of his presents were, so Katie and Kris Larsen let me hide it in their apartment. Christmas Eve I had to go get it and it was a cooooooold night. It was fun to be able to be sneaky and have fun little secrets.

It used to be a rule in our house that we had to wait until 7 in the morning to wake up my parents, because one year we came in at 5:30 and they said that was too early. This year, I was the first one to wake up, and I woke up at 7:45! I felt bad because everyone else was tired, so I decided to wait until one other person woke up. That happened sometime around 8:10 (I heard Callie go in the bathroom), and then we woke everyone else up! We opened stockings (which were in our room so Dad could put all our presents under the tree), which were filled with candy sent up by Auntie Jan from Provo! It was a big amount of candy!

By 9 we were opening presents! It was a fun time. We had spent the couple of days before so excited to give each other our presents and we finally got to do it! We went through all of our presents that we gave to each other and then went through the other general presents that Mom and Dad were in charge of (or Jordan and me because we forgot to keep ours separate). This picture of Jordan wearing his new coat (bought in St. George from Costco) and playing his ocarina (which is the magical, musical instrument they play in the video game, Zelda) Something Jordan got me was an idea we jacked off the Zamora's where you have a container that keeps the diaper and wipes in the living room but hides it because it's in a pretty container that matches the rest of the living room. here is a picture of that box. The diapers that are in it are the newborn sized diapers we got from Aunt Theresa and one of the containers of wipes we got from the Zamora's for Christmas. It's awesome. It's in the shape of a small trunk, and it's absolutely beautiful. Jordan sure knows my taste! Most of the rest of the day was spent just chillin and eating leftovers from the night before. We played RockBand again (like every other day that week), and the following is a video of Jordan singing. You have to watch it sideways, but it's still fun to watch. We ended the day by playing games in the lounge in the clubhouse in our apartment complex. We played Jordan's new Sudoku game, then ping pong, and pool. Then everyone except for the oldest 4 family members went into the hot tub and had a blast.

Today we went to the Startin's for games where we played Mormon Mad Gab and Rock Band World Tour. It was a good time. We had this great dip that Lee made that he invented while in college. He makes it by taking a tiny bit of onion, and a small amount of milk, throwing it into a blender until the onion's in tiny pieces. Then add a couple deals of cream cheese into the blender until it's pretty smooth. That's all! No seasonings, or salt, or anything like that. It was just sooooo good. I'm going to start making it all the time.

Tomorrow the plan is that we're going to help some people in our ward move, go to the temple, and go to Idaho Falls to go to Old Navy so my siblings can spend their gift certificates they got from Christmas and my dad can go to Idaho's Largest Used Bookstore.

Sunday, Jordan's speaking in church, and I'm in charge of nursery. My family'll leave after church and be on their way to Provo for the next 5 days to be with the Mayfields!


christineleigh said...

That's awesome you got to see your family! What a long drive. Sounds like it was some good times.

christineleigh said...

PS. That video of Jordan is awesome.

Jen said...

That looks so fun Becca!! I had no idea your whole family was coming, I thought it was just your parents....totally cool! Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Corrine said...

that looks like SO much fun!! :) Thanks for the comment! We are so excited! good luck with everything!! :)

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