Tuesday, April 19, 2011

E is for Easter {Mommy School Packet}

Oopsey Daisy is a rad blog that gives lots of great ideas for playing/teaching your children and this one is about Easter!  We're going to do this not just because of Easter, but because I want him to learn more about the letter E for Emma.  He knows it, but I want him to KNOW it.  Anyway, just click on the link at the bottom where it says Read Entire Post and you'll go to the website to download the whole packet. It has printouts, games, songs, and so many more ideas!  


Here are some of the concepts covered in this packet:
* Letter of the week: E
* Number of the week: 7
* Color of the week: Purple
*Theme of the week: Easter
* Song of the week:  Humpty Dumpty

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