Friday, April 15, 2011

I know, I'm a Slacker.

With coming back from our fabulous vaca in the sunny & warm California (you can see pictures here), the blog got left behind.  Here is a little kid magic for your weekend from Design Mom, and some activity ideas to do with your family by The Sleepytime Gal.

Little Magic Stories

MARCH 15, 2011
Chris O'Shea art installation projectionChris O'Shea art installation projectionChris O'Shea art installation projection
Artist Chris O’Shea creates really amazing installations. He takes children’s drawings and projects them so that the kids can interact with the drawings and act out stories. This video featuring one of the installations is sweet (the accents too!). The snow fall near the end is especially cool.

Projects revisited: an idea jar
Here are few things in their jar:
  • Set up a grocery store
  • Have a concert in the backyard
  • Embroider
  • Make a movie
  • Act out Toy Story, costumes optional
  • Make a sketchbook
  • Build a fort
  • Have family drawing time
Click here for the rest of the list!

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