Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Kid Post

I still have so many kid posts that I had saved to share with you, but I've been soooo excited about May's month that I'll just have to save the kid ones for another time.

May's theme is DETAILS!!!    This involves accessories for your home OR body.  I've been finding rad rad rad things for ages now that I've wanted to share with you, so get ready for Monday's post!

So, presenting the last kid post of April and it's all stuff you can do yourself!

Homemade Car Lot Tutorial via Kinderpendent

To die for dress tutorial via tidbits (and she has LOTS more tutorials...look on the right of her site!)

Homemade Socks Tutorial from Made by Joel

Make your own doll via The SleepyTime Gal

Have your kids make their own books! by Bare Books but found on The SleepyTime Gal

Kid Art from Kinderpendent

Dye your own salt via Design Mom
dyed salt with chalk

Soooo cute & easy skirt tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home


The-Sauser-Family said...

MAking that skirt ASAP!

Becca said...

I love the car lot--I am showing it to Allen. He loves making stuff like this. His favorite kid craft blog is called "Designed by Joel"--you should check it out.

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