Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to May!

May in Wayan: I guess it's not usually a "kill me it's still snowing" kind of place in May, but we hit a record that it's the 200+ day in a row that it didn't get above 70 degrees...that's 7 months of being cold!  GRRRRRR!

Anyway, May is the month of Details.  Accessories for both your body and home.  So, to celebrate the month of May, we're going to start off with a little color in the world of paintings for your house.

by painter Robert Rea, image from Susan Callaway Fine Art but found on Elements of Style (go to her blog to see the rest of the great photos she has on there!)

images from Splendid Sass

 Yingtang Pan's art via You Are My Fav

also, another kind of beauty in the details, all found from Marta Writes

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