Friday, May 27, 2011

Again with the 25 Things update...I started on Codex and I'm going to take it off the list because it's kind of scandalous.  I'm going to look up the rest of the Lev Grossman books to see if the rest of them are scandalous also, because I might be replacing a lot of them if they are...

This is also a pretty good idea, especially if you get bored easily with the look of your home. Found at Design Mom, but it's from IKEA's blog.

Easy Make Your Own Bookshelf

These are so fun, and would be sooooooo comfortable (especially at this point in the pregnancy...) Also via Design Mom, but from Two New York.
Chic Gorgeous Caftans Two New York
chic gorgeous caftans from Two New York

Loooove the color combo and the dress in the next picture.  From You Are My Fave.

What a fun way to add some silver lining to the kitchen.  Via SwissMiss

Just so pretty! Via Blue Moss

Again, really like the color combo.  Via Oh Joy!

How fun, and I WISH I had clothes like this that I could just display.  Also love the way the pictures are love love it.  Also Oh Joy!

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