Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on the My 25 Things, I don't really know what book to delete from my list, but I've added Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild to my list of books.  I saw it at the library (was very surprised how thick it was..I always thought the "shoe books" were picture books...) (also, was waiting for Codex to come in through interlibrary loan) and jumped at it...but sometimes those books are soooo boring (sometimes I feel that way about reading Little Women).  I opened it up, and it had the same font as Betsy Tacy & Tib which books I aDORE, so I snatched it up and it has been a wonderful read!  Sometimes I feel like some more modern books have to have a "shock" factor in it in order for people to think it's interesting but that is just not my style!  This book is whimsical & romantic (not in a boy-girl sort of way, but the idealized form of reality sort of way [and who doesn't want to live in that sort of world]), and although I'm not done it has been thoroughly enjoyable!  Codex (by Lev Grossman) came in today, so that'll be up next!  p.s. 4 more school days left!

I really like these muted colors.  via Knack

Love the primary color set up, and LOVE all the chalkboard.  via The Handmade Home

We're discussing building a bench for under our windowsill that would have space for baskets for P's toys.  It would be much better than how they are now (even though I built a rad rad rad toy's a little rough (that is a LITERAL rough) around the edges, so we think something a little safer and more hidden would be better.  Via The Sleepy Time Gal

It's kinda hippy...I know, but my plan is to make one for me and one for E.  They're just so whimsical!  Via Kinderpendent

If I didn't cringe every time I saw this on all of our plastic cups, I would probably enjoy it more.  It is a fun concept, though.  Via SwissMiss

I don't know how practical this is, but I think about it all the time!  It's a bed & a coffee table!  How genius!  Via SwissMiss

The bright colors of summer have arrived (even if summer itself hasn't actually arrived), and I'm loving it!  Love this collection via The Red Otter Shop!

Pretty, pretty, pretty!  Love the cuisine sign and the color combo!  Via Down & Out Chic

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