Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Space (Outside and Your Own)

We went to the park.  The 3rd pic is the same face as when you're kissing/tickling him and he just can't help but laugh.  It's my fave.  I tell him 15,000 times a day how gorgeous he is.  I hope he never forgets.  It makes me feel like this and laughing at the same time.

They both got haircuts for Easter.  I just aDORE them.

The nerd in me loves that his seat is perfectly horizontal to the ground.  Also, we're starting Trig(onometry) in my math class Monday--it's my fave.  They won't even know what hit them.  I might be bringing cupcakes just to celebrate.

Also, genius by MihaDesign found on SwissMiss

Not having to do with kids OR space--I've been thinking about these for weeks...
Marshmallow & Caramel
and I found some caramel squares in the cupboard last night...YUM.
(I discovered the picture on You Can Call Me Chris, but it's from Hammond's Candies)

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Rene' said...

The fourth slide picture is pure joy! Thats my fav! P&J look spiffy in their new Easter hair. They are such fabulous looking gentlemen! I miss you so much!

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