Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Alright, this isn't going to end up being a blog only about the baby, but I have to say at least one thing about it...so, here are the pictures of the baby:

Basic information:
Due Date: January 19th
Gender: Won't know until the end of August
How many weeks am I along?: 8 weeks
How big is the baby?: 2 centimeters
How do I feel?: The carsick feeling is going away and I'm pretty much just exhausted all the time.
How do I look?: I won't start showing until when we can find out the gender, but I am bloated all the time so I look a little bigger.
Do we have names picked out?: Drew and Emma
What do we want it to be?: Jordan doesn't care, but I'd like a boy.

Anymore questions, just ask! I'm really excited about it, so I'll talk to anyone about it for as long as you want!

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The ZamFam said...

So if this blog isn't going to all about the baby, then you need to start a family blog so that it is. Its fun to look at baby pics and whats going on. We are so excited for you!

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