Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day at the Races

So, after seeing the baby in real life (and by real life I mean, seeing that it was actually, truly, living inside me), I decided I didn't really want to strain my body so much to run a marathon. Also, like 3 weeks before the marathon, I didn't run for a week and a half straight because I was sick the whole time, so I figured a 10k was a good length that I'd be able to run without too much strain.

I was moderately nervous that morning, but ate an orange and sacrificed 2 dollars to buy two songs off I-tunes (first and hopefully last time ever, because I think it's a waste of money) because I really wanted to listen to them (which I did, the whole time).

From my house (Jordan's house) to the starting line was all downhill, so that was my warm-up:

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Here's the map of what we did, and the next picture is the elevation change throughout the run:

I forgot my number at home, so I got Jordan to bring it to me, along with making him pinning it on me. He said it was just like Prom all over again.

That super sharp increase in altitude all of a sudden means a hill that I didn't really feel like running. So, I didn't! I got Jordan to walk with me for part of it.

About the top of that hill behind me was when I hit my stride. It felt like a really good run from there on out!

Right after that last picture, I found someone I knew! It's the wife of one of Jordan's co-workers who's super nice! She was running the 5k and the 10k and 5k came together at that point. It was great to run with her! Her pace was just a hair faster than me, so I just kept up with her! It wasn't competitive at all, but I was happy to have someone to run with.

Right before this video started, was had just gone up our last hill and Alisa was the only reason I didn't walk. I just figured, if she's not walking, I guess I don't really need to either!

From then on, I was listening to Tim McGraw's "Something Like That," which I had been rotating through with Taylor Swift's "Our Song," and Carrie Underwood's "All-American Girl," but the sweet huge hill going down from the temple was the last mile and we just booked it. It felt good to just let it all out and run as fast as we wanted. It was good too, because Alisa and I pushed each other a little. I would get ahead, and then she would get ahead, and we did that way until the end.

Here's a video for the finish line. Sorry there's no sound---I guess our camera doesn't have sound. Anyway, Jordan asks me how I feel and I say "Tired, but really fun. Ok, turn that off." Yay for being done!

After that, there was a little area where only the 5k and 10k people could go, and there were oranges, bananas, watermelon, and a pancake area. It was fun. We all wished we were in the Half Marathon or Marathon category because there were massage tables in that area...oh well. Yay for oranges!

All in all, it was a good run. I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad it went so well. I felt like I could do anything after I had done that! It hasn't all the way worn off either, because I'm considering singing in "Malad Idol" on the 4th of July...hmmm....


The ZamFam said...

Yay for you! Good job and congrats on finishing it!

Emily Ringel said...

Becca I'm so proud of you. AND PREGNANT! wow that's definitely one to tell the baby later. Have I mentioned how excited I am for you!! Oh and I have a feeling you're having a girl. But don't count on that ... I'm usually wrong.

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