Monday, July 7, 2008


So, I left my camera at the Ranch this weekend, so I can't put any new pictures up about the last little while until next weekend, so I'm just going to keep going with stuff that's going on now.

The 4th weekend was awesome and something that made it awesome was that I got to talk to Jordan's cousin Gina Halliday about all the stuff she's doing right now with her company (Quilters Buzz). She's a super big deal quilter and she's getting more famous by the day. Her website is really cool, and even though the set up of it is a blog, she's set it up like she's writing magazine articles. She's been in two quilting magazines (I have no idea what they are) and she also has some videos on YouTube. She's super cool. She's going to send me a couple patterns of quilts that can be done in an afternoon or two (which would be so awesome because my attention span is not that long) and so I've started looking at different fabric patterns. Here are a few I really like:

I don't know if they can all go together, but we'll see! It would be fun to be able to make some before the baby comes!


Kim said...

You spent the 4th in Malad and all you can write about are some quilting patterns. Disappointing very disappointing, but I am diggin the Opera music.

Kim said...

Please note that the last comment was actually Garrett posting under my name. Could you please send him an invite so he will stop griping about it?

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