Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It was super awesome to have so much of the family here for Jordan's graduation. Tawna kept saying over and over that she didn't think he would pass high school much less college, but here he is!

He does this same thing to his hair with the same face everyday before he goes to work or church. I didn't catch it on video, but after he finished fixing his hair he made the movement you make when you yell "Expecto Patronum" and mumbled some non-words when he did it. Ahh, how I love him.

This is him with his whole graduating class. You can see Kaiter with her curly blonde hair facing us below Jordan. You can see Steve and Britt a row to the left and up like, 7 people.

I hope Merrill has a better picture of this because my flash was not hitting the people, but it seems like it was hitting everything else, so this is blurry and also has his tassel right in his face. Since the picture was so dark I had to lighten it up so that's why it's so grainy.

Our friends Steve and Britt. Steve got to give a talk at the convocation, and it was super good--exactly what a graduation speech should be. It was interesting, had funny stories, and emphasized he was a super nerd.

It was super good to see Merrill and Tawna. While they were here, Tawna and I went and had a massage at the spa nearby and it was absolutely wonderful. We did that while Merrill and Jordan went and hit some balls.

It was so nice that all the grandparents came up to see Jordan. It was great to spend so much time with them.

Here's the whole family group that came to see Jordan.

This is at Puerto Vallarta. It's our favorite Rexburg Mexican restaurant. It tastes like California---it's just so good.

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lately said...

what is puerto vallarta!? i've never even heard of it. i don't believe it exists in rexubrg.

you look fantastic by the way! i love your hair in the picture with the guy that spoke. and very well done with the belt over the prego belly. i love that :)

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