Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Jordan helped out our friend Steve with roofing his house (he's a townie, so his parents live in Rexburg). They'd been doing it a couple of evenings, but they decided Saturday was the day to get it done, and they did it! They met at Steve's house at like, 8 am and the pictures I'm showing are at 4 (they didn't get done until 7 or 8, but they got it done!). It was a really hot day that day, and it didn't help that they were standing on asphalt sheets (that's what they roof out of) so the roof got really hot pretty fast (I burnt my feet even through my shoes), so they got sick of being hot so decided to hose each other off. This is where the pictures came in...it was a funny / super interesting sight to see.

Steve getting Jordan

Steve getting himself

Jordan getting/pretending to pee on Steve

All the roofing boys trying to figure out how to put the ridge shingles on

My handsome husband using a nail gun (and not shooting himself in the knee)

I helped for a couple of hours Friday and Saturday, and my favorite part was using the nail gun (although it is moderately scary to use something that could hurt me so easily). I am however, glad they finished it.

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Tab & Nate said...

I hope you didn't get too close to that nail gun!! Not in your condition! :) Love you

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