Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Gay Adventure

Does anyone else remember in like, 5th grade, when people started only having one earring, but one side meant you were gay and the other side just meant you only wanted to be wearing one earring? Well, I never knew which side it was, and everyone I ever thought to ask didn't know either, until today! I was sitting in the physics office at ISU and a kid came in to give the secretary some receipts for equipment and I noticed he had one earring on the right side! He seemed like a nice enough kid, so I asked him if he knew which side it was that meant they were gay. He said it was the right side, so I asked him if he was gay, and he said yes, and then he said that he thought it was kind of an older culture thing and that he didn't think people thought it was that big of a deal which side it was on, but that the only people he had seen with an earring on the right side he knew to be gay.
It doesn't even matter, and it doesn't affect my life even in the slightest way, but I've been wondering that since I first heard about it at 11 years old, and I'm glad that 11 years later, I finally know the real answer!


Garrett said...

To distinguish earrings i use the phrase "left is right and right is wrong". Also remember when you are in San Francisco and you are giving directions to someone, you say "go forward" instead of "go straight".

Tab & Nate said...

That is great! I have always wondered that same question. Now I will be able to rest easy.

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