Monday, July 28, 2008

Ice Cream

Ice cream is so good--especially in the summertime. I was on and saw all these recipes for ice cream and decided to make one! My choice was Grandpa Roy's Caramel Ice Cream. It was super good. I actually got to make my own caramel by melting sugar and salt together! It was super good. There are so many different kinds of ice cream flavors. We just got a hold of Kaiter's ice cream maker, so I think we're going to start making it a lot.


Tab & Nate said...

You are amazing!! Making your own ice cream! I am just trying to learn how to cook a dinner...which by the way I am going to start working on real hard!!

Emily Ringel said...

You'll have to email me the recipes you really like. Nate and I love using our ice cream maker for homemade ice cream. When I was pregnant it was the only thing I craved ... All the time

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