Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yesterday was an uneventful day, but with those uneventful days, dumb things seem awesome-er. So, I took pictures of some moderately interesting parts of yesterday.

First, I found my lost wallet (which I lose like, once a month), so I could go get the oil changed in my car. Yay! I was at Walmart, and saw this interesting thing in the media section. Can you see what doesn't fit? (I know it isn't a great picture):

What doesn't fit is second from the left and second from the top. Among "Singles Ward," "The RM," "Sons of Provo," "The Book of Mormon Movie" and many others, "Rambo" has been added to the collection of LDS movies. I love Idaho.

When that was done with, I wanted a treat, but didn't want to spend any money on it, and I remembered I had a coupon for a free beverage at Starbucks, and there was one right across the street from Walmart! So, in I went and read their non-coffee menu and decided on the chocolate-y-est thing I could possibly get, and it looked like this:


Next I went to the DI to see if they had any bikes. You can't just only look at their bike section, so I looked around at other things and saw a skirt I thought I might like for 4 dollars. However, when I put it on, I found that it was a bit questionable---it looked like a skirt from the outside, but the lining was pants!

I didn't buy them because they didn't fit around the waist, but they were interesting enough to me to take a picture of.

After the DI I went and saw The Emma Smith Story at the dollar theater. I guess it just hasn't sunk in that I'm prego and super emotional, because I cried through the whole 98 minute of the film. It was also surprising to me (and maybe a little not surprising) that all the other movies I've been to at the dollar theater, I've been in the theater with a max of 6 other people, and sometimes I'm the only one. I don't know if it was "movie night" at the senior citizen center or what, but every single seat of every row (except the first 3 rows) was filled with a geriatric. I couldn't believe how many people were there---the dollar theater definitely made money that night.

Last but not least, the belly showed up yesterday. It didn't seem like a huge deal until I tried sleeping on my stomach when I was trying to sleep---my uterus was not standing for that.

It isn't super big, but it certainly is hard, and cannot be compressed or sucked in!


lately said...

the bit about the geriatrics is by far the best part of that.

although the chocolatey thing does look great.


Kim said...

The bump is very cool.

Emily Ringel said...

Isn't that bump the weirdest thing!! You think you can suck it in but no matter how hard you try it doesn't budge. When I was that size Nate liked it when I ate dinner because that was the only time it really showed up. haha Love it!!

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