Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dinner in the Park

So, my neighborhood isn't really safe to be outside in, but I looove summer, so I've been trying to find a way to be outside and be safe all at the same time. So, I've started eating dinner at the ISU "quad" which is just a big park in the middle of the ISU campus where they have the Concert in the Park every Wed and Thurs. Now, even though all I want to eat is Chinese, I've been cooking things that are good for me (and most importantly the baby), so I made spinach stracciatella soup which is Italian egg drop soup with spinach in it. It was really enjoyable to eat and I've eaten it everyday for lunch since I made it on Tuesday afternoon and will eat it again today and probably again tomorrow.

Here's a fancy picture of it from the website:

I also kind of made this:

By kind of, I mean that I was planning on making that, and then it didn't really happen. Being prego I have an aversion to cilantro and uncooked onions, and then I couldn't find any papaya. So, instead I substituted grapefruit to go along with the mango. After I finished cutting up the grapefruit and mango I decided I didn't want to put the jalapeƱo in it and didn't want to eat it with chips, so I just had a mango and grapefruit salad. It was very enjoyable.

I ate all of this at the park, along with my "limeade" that I've been making myself with water, lime juice, and sugar. It was very enjoyable.


Tab & Nate said...

I love the belly and I can't wait for it to get SUPER BIG!!

The ZamFam said...

Ok Becca, you crack me up. I love reading your blog cos I never know what you are going to say next!! How is everything going?

Jennie said...

haha! i don't know if i left that message twice, but i had to tell you that 1) i need your email again, 2) love your music selection, 3) our blogsite is actually under brandon's email, so if you couldn't find it it's and you're food looks amazing....

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