Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ice Caves

On the same day that I ran the 10k, we also went to an air show (the pictures are super boring so I'm not putting them on here), and we also went to the ice caves.

The head lamp is my favorite piece of camping equipment and I wear it every chance I get. The snow suit is from Grandma Madlyn. The legs are a little short and the waist fits me when I'm not pregnant because here, even though you can't see it, the zips aren't all the way zipped up on the side.

Jordan in the ice caves.

This is Jordan was completely straddling Steve's arm/shoulder and Jordan's crotch was in Steve's face---it was fun for all of us to laugh about...probably except for Steve.

Court sliding on her back on the ice to get through the ice tunnel.

Britt and Court's backsides as they kick the top of the ice roof to slide on their backs on the ice floor. It was super fun.

At the end of the cave there was a huge area where we slide/surfed on the ice slide and I got some videos of it but they're all too dark to really be able to tell what we're doing.


and Britt

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