Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update: 1st Ranch Adventures

Alright, now that I've finally finished one of my more difficult computer programs, I have time to update.

The first ranch visit with Brett and all them was fun. I already put some pictures, but there were more adventures.

One of them was while we were fourwheeling. Inside a shack on the side of a mountain, we found a little...I dunno what it's called. Someone can write it in a comment. Anyway, it's this little canister, which we all thought was a time capsule when we first saw it, but inside has two pieces of laminated paper, a notebook and a few miscellaneous objects. The laminated paper said that there were thousands of these canisters all over the country and it's our job to write what we were doing when we found it, and trade something inside for something on us (some little trinket or something). We thought that was pretty cool. We looked in the notebook to see what other people had written and there were a lot of hunters' accounts, a couple of "we're just exploring and found this cool thing," messages. Could we be normal like everyone else? NOPE!? This is along the lines of what we wrote (and by we, I mean Jordan):

It's been a cold, long winter.
Sally's had a fever for a week straight,
and Little Johnny's cough is getting worse.
To be honest, I don't think he'll make it
through the night.
We wanted to leave something behind in the
canister, but we have nothing nothing left to give.
We hope someone, somewhere, someday,
will remember we were here.
This is our last farewell.

I know, hilarious/ridiculous.

Here's a picture of us all reading what it is and Jordan creating brilliant ideas about the tall tale he was about to weave:

We also found this great bit of snow that Jordan had a jolly good time skidding on:

And then there was the slide connected to the treehouse:

This is Jordan getting his body into a child's toy

The rip on the shoulder of Jordan's right arm is a show of the dangers of playing on less than new tree-houses

This is Britt gracefully going down the slide

And Steve not wanting to tear his sleeve going down

This is Jordan and Steve doing the dishes. Jordan is in the middle of having a gas movement, and Steve is clenching his gluteus maximus...interesting. Also, I can't remember why, but Jordan's wearing Steve's "I'm Keanu Reeves from Speed" pants.

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joh05010 said...

Becca B. it's called Geo-Cashing! Remember! JK.

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