Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ranch Visit #1

A couple weekends ago we had Brett Campbell and a girl, Brittany and Stephen Keller, Jordan and me up at The Ranch for the opening weekend to get some fencing done. I didn't take any pictures of us fencing the first time, but I did take some pictures of us having a good time.

Not only did we do a lot of stuff but we ate a lot of stuff. We had a super good meal every single time because each couple brought a meal and then of course Madlyn is a great cook so she took care of the rest of the meals. We had fetticini alfredo, shepherd's pie, a broccoli and cheese...something, and many other great meals.

We went four-wheeling for the first time this season and there was still a lot of snow that got in our way. Some of it we plowed on through, but some of it we had to work our way through. After three or four of these huge snow banks, we decided to call it quits and head back.

It was a great first visit, and as soon as I get new batteries for my camera I'll put up the pictures of this last visit.

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Mayfield54 said...

It has been some time since I've been on your blog, Rebecca, so this has been a fun time tonight. Anxious to hear about your run today.
Great pix of you and Jordon on a 4-wheeler.
Love you - Grandpa and Grandma

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