Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby / Guest Room

I'll put up picture of Halloween later, but for now, here are the pictures I'm putting in the baby/guest room. Click here and put in kes04006@byui.edu. The animal pictures by Picasso I'm going to paint to have some color on it instead of just being plain. I'm also not using the actual Andy Warhol pictures, I'm taking pictures of me and Jordan and doing it for our family, but it's in the same style, with similar words on it. I'm also using the colors from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to do the colors for the rest of the room. The colors are bright and vibrant, so it'll just be a nice room to be in.


1 comment:

The ZamFam said...

You are so creative!! I love it! Are you guys coming down for the FFKR christmas party again this year? Our Ward Christmas Breakfast is the morning of, so come friday night!!!

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