Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Super Awesome Baby Shower

This weekend Jennie Dean threw me a baby shower, and let’s be honest, showers (of any kind) have a risk of being the most ridiculous things ever, and not enjoyable at all. This however, was not one of those times---it was sooooooo fun. I had a stake nursery deal I had to go to from 10-11, so I came home to Jennie, Brandon, Brandon’s sister Britt, and Jordan decorating the house with balloons, and a great “It’s a Boy” sign, specially made by Jennie. She brought really really really good food---great pasta salad, and to be honest, I don’t like pasta salad, but this was sooooo good! It was pasta made from a box, but it was the kind where you use oil instead of mayonnaise and it was sooooooooo good! We also had these little chicken deals. I don’t actually know what they were, but they tasted like mini chicken cordon bleu’s. We also had chocolate chip cookies, which of course, no one can turn down.
The people who came to the shower were (from the top left, clockwise) Jennie, Kristi (and her baby Braydon), Jordelle, Elisa, Kaiter, Rebecca, me, and Heidi. It was so great to have everyone there. We started out just chillin and then played some games. Usually I hate games at showers, but the ones we had were fun. We played one where there was a list of physical characteristics the baby could have and whether I would want each characteristic to be from Jordan or from me, and the person who matched the most to my list got a prize. We also all got nametags that had words like “crib, diaper, blanket, etc.” and we had to call each other by that word instead of by our names. Mine was “breast pump.” It was awkward—it was funny though to call each other by the silly names.
We then moved on to painting onesies. It was super fun. Everyone’s onesies were so creative, and I’m super excited to put the baby in them! Jordan’s started praying for the baby to “be straight, be a Republican, and like to kill things,” so that’s what I wrote on the onesie I decorated.

Then we opened presents---of course that was a pretty cool part. Everyone was so generous with their gifts and it was so great of everyone to bring something so nice, and there were so many things I wouldn’t have even though of to buy, but now I’m really glad I have them.
All in all, it was a great baby shower, and I’m so glad everyone came, and so thankful to Jennie for throwing it for me. It sure was fun!


lately said...


you look seriously beautiful in all of these photos. it doesn't even make sense, aren't you supposed to be nasty and homely by now??

wish i could have been there, love jordan's onsie idea :)



becca b said...

thanks, but i definitely have my moments. i'm just using the best shots, cause i wouldn't put pictures where i look horrible on the blog. thanks for the compliment!

Jen said...

Britney had to tell me about this cuz I didn't even see this! I'm so glad you had a good time, and I'm way embarressed that I had no idea you didn't like pasta salad! But I'm glad you liked my Suddenly Pasta! Also glad you had a good time!!

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