Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend in Salmon

I don't have any pictures of our weekend in Salmon, so you're just going to have to go look at Jennie and Brandon's blog to see the pictures. It was a great weekend, filled with relaxation and the wonders of upstate Idaho. The drive was awesome (there are mountains on both sides with snow on top) and Salmon is such an awesome little town. Friday night we got there and chatted it up with Jen's great family, and then Brandon and Jordan argued about politics for like, 3 hours---super fun. The next day, as it says on Jennie's blog, the boys went duck hunting, and Jen, her sister, her mom, and I did crafts. The canvas things they were making were super cool, and Jen painted some huge clothes pins to hang stuff from. I painted some pictures to go in the baby's room. When the boys got home, we shot some clay pigeons outside and then went out on the town. We went to this great restaurant called Bertram's Brewery where we had fish and chips. It was super good. Then we went for a walk around Salmon, and it is a diamond in the rough! It's too bad we couldn't be there more days because it would have been fun to go around Salmon in the daytime when all the little shops were open. Jordan and Brandon fantasized about opening a sporting goods store while Jen and I dreamed about opening a decor (or something...I can't really remember now) store right next door. After an eventful experience at King's (which has really good sales), we went and got a movie called "Run Fat Boy, Run." It was a pretty funny movie. The night ended with a lively game of Catchphrase. The next day was church, a great spaghetti lunch, and an awesome game of "Oh heck" and "Egyptian Rat Race."

We were really glad we went to Salmon and can't wait to go again when it's nicer outside.

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Jen said...

We'll have to hit the shops early on 5th when you come up! I LOVED this entry...you make us sound so much funner than we are haha!

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