Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FHE with Garfield Thanksgiving

FHE has begun to be much more fun lately since we’ve started doing it every once in a while with the Larsens. Last night was another example of that. We had planned on watching Garfield Halloween (which you can watch in two parts here and here on YouTube) before Halloween but never got to it, but then we just had to watch Garfield Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving, so that’s what we did! They came over, we had these great no-bake cookies, and some pumpkin pie and then we watched both the Halloween and the Thanksgiving one! I don’t think I saw the Halloween one very much growing up, but I’ve definitely seen the Thanksgiving one like, 600 times because as soon as it started I knew the song they were singing and remembered some of the jokes. It’s really funny to watch cartoons you’ve seen as a kid because they are so different in your memory than in real life---a lot more singing. It was great fun, and fun to have the Larsens over! They’re always a riot to be with (we went to a haunted house with them before Halloween), and you’ll be able to see just what kind of people they are if you read their “M.U.D.” post on their blog.
Up next is Garfield Christmas (which even though I haven't cheated yet and watched, I do know you can watch it in two parts here and here on YouTube)!

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Kris and Katie said...

We LOVE Garfield!! YAY for Family Home Evening! P.S. you can't cheat and watch the Christmas one yet!!!

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