Friday, October 23, 2009

Falltime Activities

I didn't appreciate the fall at the beginning...I just like summer so much, but the more and more it's here, the more I like it.

Between conference sessions on Saturday, we went to the apple orchards on campus. You go and get as many apples as you want, and then weigh them in a little booth for 50 cents a pound. We got 47 lbs--it was so much fun! When we got home, after the second Saturday session, I canned some applesauce, and the next day made an apple pie while some friends were over (the Youngs)--it was great! When we went down to Utah, we canned the apples so that anytime we want to make something with apples we just have to open a jar and they'll be right there! (we just canned them in water so we could make stuff sweet and not-sweet)

Later that week, Stephanie Young came over again. We made sugar cookies and decorated them with Halloween stuff! I had been really really wanting the 101 cookie cutters from Walmart for $10, so Jordan said I could finally buy them for that occasion. It is a great set of cookie cutters--I'm so happy to have them. Anyway, there were a lot of Halloween cutters so we used those. The only one that was left by the time I got the camera out was my haunted house--they were so good, and so fun! My friend, Emily and her son Jensen, came over too, and all three boys just played with the pumpkins on our kitchen floor--they had a blast.

We got some Halloween clothes from Jordan's mom, and they are adorable! Porter is so cute, and stuff like this doesn't hurt! Thanks, Tawna!


Brittany said...

i love these photos of you, bec.

so much.

Kenzie - Ryan - Livee- Emmeline said...

That is so cool that you got all those apples. That is a lot. I want to go get some now. You guys all look so cute in all the pictures. We need to get together sometime.

Rene said...

These are fabulous pictures! Porter is sooo cute in the adorable Halloween clothes! Yummy apple foods! I love seeing Porter on your counter! When we went to NC when you kids were little Dad's grandmommy wouldn't let me put you on the counter. She didn't think kids should be in the kitchen, and not at all on the counters. Those were not our times! You are a great mom!!

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